History of
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

In 1889 a few members from St. James A.M.E. Church came together to establish a church on the East Side of San Antonio.   A small frame church was built that same year.  The church was later rebuilt at the current location and the corner stone was laid on November 21, 1915. The Right Reverend Charles Spencer Smith was Bishop of Texas at that time.  Bethel was built at a cost of $3,000 and was paid for in five years.  The first parsonage was built one year later.

Over the years many groups have been organized with the purpose of keeping the church alive and improving the spiritual lives of the members and community. 

1911:     Annie E. Hunt WMS
1915:     Senior Choir 
1935:     Usher Board #1
1938:     Usher Board #2 
1938:     Gospel Choir
1941:     Courtesy Club
1948:     Lay Organization
1951:     Daughters of Bethel
1964:     Missionary Society Unit #1
1964:     Young Adult Usher Board
1970:     Melody Echoes
1971:     Boy Scout Troop #96
1987:     Sons of Allen

The Pastors who have faithfully served Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church through the years include Reverends Dee Claybrooks, C. E. Holmes, H.L. Handley, D.J. Hill, J.N. Lynn, D.S. Moten, A.D. Miller, R. W. Mason, I.D. Cooper, I. Russell, H.P. Evans, F.T. Moten, J.B. Butler, J.W. McDade, J.R. M. Lee, M.C. McKenna, P.D. Sadler, C. Harold Stepteau, L.C. Wade, R.C. Walker, H.G. Johnson, A.W. Harvey, H.F. Cooper, T.L. Sanders, J. Francis Baker, A.R. Nelson, Lorenzo E. Ausbie, Dr. I.C. Gordon, Richard Tankerson, Dr. Sarah F. Davis, Tiate Carson, Dr. W. Raymond Bryant, Pastor Dr. Juan N. Tolliver, and current pastor Dr. Melvin Wilson, Jr.

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Sundays 9:45 A.M.

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