Join us for Bible Study every Wednesday @ 12 noon 


The Bible is God's inspired words to us. No self-help book can come close to the words of our Creator.

Breathed out by His Holy Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16), the Bible is the direct Word of God.  It is reliable, accurate and incapable of being wrong. The science in the Bible is accurate because the Bible was given by Him who created the world. Scientific, geological, and historical evidence are consistent with biblical accounts. We know the Bible is reliable because God gave affirmation of the writers by empowering them to perform miracles and the prophesies and their consistent, specific fulfillments. No other holy book has such validation. Because of these obvious, visible proofs, we can trust that the unprovable words in the Bible are also true. A book with so many physical truths can be trusted with the spiritual, as well.

Join us for Bible Study every Wednesday @ 12 noon.

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